The Friends of the Aviary


Business Number: 887135010RR0001

The Friends of the Aviary is a non-profit organization run 100% by volunteers in Hamilton, Ontario. Together, along with the support of our community, we strive to ensure that our Flock receives the love and care it needs to thrive! 

Our primary mission is to maintain a vibrant, healthy aviary exhibit, planned and managed in a practical fashion that will attract, educate and delight visitors, and be a source of pride for all Hamiltonians.

We seek to use the Aviary and its birds as an educational tool to improve awareness of nature to the general public and to educate willing volunteers in many aspects of care required of captive birds.

Come and meet our Flock every Saturday from 1:00 - 4:00 pm. You may just find your new best feathered friend! 

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