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Giving Tuesday Campaign 2023


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Giving Tuesday Campaign 2023

Please add in the message field the name of the bird you would like to sponsor!

Giving Tuesday is coming up! This November 28th is universally considered to be a day of generosity and a time to give back to communities and organizations. It is a day for charities and non-profits to raise donations to help those in need. This money is instrumental to allow non-profits to keep doing the work they do and to keep their doors open.

The Hamilton Aviary, Canada's oldest aviary, takes this day as an opportunity to raise funding through our sponsorships to help cover the cost of looking after our 23 birds until the same time next year. Your generous donation of between $50.00 - $200.00 will help us provide food, vet care, toys, enrichment, and treats to the feathered friends in our care until next year. After donating, you will receive an email with an information package on the bird you choose to help care for, as well as some photos and visual recognition on their sign at our physical sanctuary location as a thank you from us for your support.

We cannot keep doing the work we do without your help. We pledged to care for these exotic birds, many of whom were surrendered to us needing a home, for the entirety of their natural lives, no matter if they are looked after by our volunteers at Oak Knoll Drive or living in a network of foster homes. We made a promise, so we will do everything we can to keep it. But we cannot do it alone, will you help us? 

Please check out our website, to see all our birds available to be sponsored and don't forget that we issue tax receipts!