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Global Alliance for Brain & Heart Health

Registered Name: The Global Alliance for Brain and Heart Health

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Less Screen, More Green™ - Environmental Education for This Digital Age - connecting children, youth and families with each other and nature

Global Alliance for Brain & Heart Health


Less Screen, More Green: The Mindful Tech Plan offers the powers of nature, mindfulness and being truly connected.

We are dedicated to nurturing healthy, nature-loving children and families in this digital age.

We develop and support initiatives developed, and led by, Indigenous youth to bring Traditional Knowledge from their earth-based culture to enhance our Less Screen, More Green program.

These Indigenous youth and their Elders have much to offer to other youth dealing with depression, feelings of isolation and other mental health issues.


• Are you also concerned about so many of our children and youth spending so much time on their tablets, phones and other electronic gadgets? Even before the pandemic?

• Now, with online learning and distant education and mostly virtual communication, do you agree that we need to make skilful efforts to get kids off screens every day to get outdoors, be active and learn to love nature and develop healthy social relationships with each other?

• Do you also feel that while they need to be tech savvy in this digital age, we also want them to be free from digital dependency and social media addiction?

• Did you know that only 20 minutes a day of active, outdoor greentime has proved benefits for children?

It's crucial to get them off wireless devices, and balance indoor screentime with nature-connecting greentime.

And learning simple mindfulness exercises has been proven to extend their quality sleep by at lest one hour a night.

Our medical experts offer these and other science-based strategies with The Mindful Tech Plan. 

Global Health Alliance for Brain & Heart Health is a Canadian charity dedicated to the physical, mental and social wellbeing of children and youth – from all backgrounds and inclusive communities – in this digital age.  

Our focus is on using the benefits of nature, mindfulness and being truly connected to balance the impact of too much tech and digital addiction. We want to nurture the inherent kindness, empathy and respect in all children so they are kind to themselves and to others.

We offer an inclusive program Less Screen, More Green™, with The Mindful Tech Plan™ – science-based strategies to use wireless devices more safely and get kids off screens to truly connect with each other and the natural world.




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