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Greek Language Education Program


The Department of Education for the Greek Community of Toronto in collaboration with the University of West Macedonia is playing an integral role in the preservation and promotion of Greek Language Studies and Cultural Education. Together we have developed Paideia, which is the first ever comprehensive Greek language curriculum that is based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Over 1300 students are enrolled in a Paideia school today. Paideia provides a supportive and collaborative learning environment, which allows students to expand their Greek language and cultural horizons.  

Our vision: Opportunity and success through language and culture. Learning different languages and being immersed in a variety of cultures can transform your life. We aim to provide enriched learning opportunities for everyone, from children in preschool all the way up to high school and university. At the center of Paideia is our belief that all students can learn Greek and reach their full potential as happy and productive global citizens.


The Greek Community of Toronto (GCT) is a communal institution established in 1909, incorporated in 1965 and is a registered non-profit charitable organization. Every year, we make certain that our schools provide quality education for all, via classroom or e-learning teaching. Moreover, in addition to curriculum development our Education department is in the process of incorporating new technologies to instruction and renewing critical learning resources (e.g., school library, student chrome books, audio-visual aids, educational software, etc.).  No child is excluded from our programs due to financial reasons, as our fundraising covers their tuition expenses.  The experiences and learning that kids gain from their Greek language schooling will help shape their lives and cultural identity.

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