The Guelph Enabling Garden


Business Number: 861236917RR0001

The Guelph Enabling Garden (GEG) is a multi-use garden designed everyone; for children, the elderly, and families of all types, but especially for those community members with varying degrees of physical and cognitive abilities. Our Garden is specifically designed to enable people to enjoy the full range of benefits that gardening can provide. 

The key features of an Enabling Garden are:

  • Accessibility
  • Sensory Interest (sight, sound, smell, touch)
  • Reflective areas as with any garden
  • Active programming so the experience of gardening is made available to all segments of the population

The concept for the Guelph Enabling Garden began in 1999 when a number of organizations in the city that support those with physical and cognitive challenges, including the City of Guelph, identified the fact that there were no public garden facilities for this segment of Guelph’s population.

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