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Buy A Brick Campaign

When guests and volunteers visit the Garden, they’ll notice the engraved bricks that line the serene pathways of the garden. These beautiful bricks are personalized with messages in honour of a loved one, to commemorate achievements, to profile local businesses, or to mark a special day. They are a concrete reminder of the people who help make the garden thrive. Purchasing a Brick is a great way to celebrate a special day or person, profiling your business, or honouring a loved one

It is through these Bricks that the Garden helps raise the necessary funds to ensure our programming remains free and accessible for all as well as to help expand the Garden for the future. The Buy-a-Brick Campaign is a great way to donate and all funds raised through the Buy-A-Brick campaign will go to support construction of this special garden.

Buying a Brick is easy with Canada Helps! Complete the form on this page to process your Brick payment before proceeding to customizing your Brick. 

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