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Support the Guelph Enabling Garden

Welcome to the Guelph Enabling Garden. We're a multi-use garden designed for everyone; for children, the elderly, and families of all types, but especially for those community members with varying degrees of physical and cognitive abilities. Our Garden is specifically designed to enable people to enjoy the full range of benefits that gardening can provide. It is truly a special place.

Did you know the Guelph Enabling Garden runs completely on donations, grants, and the power of volunteers? It's true! Every dollar we receive is put back into the Garden's operation, maintenance and programming.

Like many non-profits, we've experienced funding struggles due to COVID-19. Fundraising across the nation is down, and we weren't able to receive some grants we usually rely on. This is where we need your help!

We are setting an ambitious goal of raising $5000 by the next Garden season (Spring 2023). Please help us by making a donation and sharing our page!

Some facts about the Garden:

-We welcome over 20,000 visitors to the Garden each year.

-We served over 212 horticultural therapy clients this year.

-We are down to about 30% of our usual volunteers, yet as a group, they still donated the same amount of time (almost 1000 hours!) to maintaining and beautifying our Garden in 2022.

Please help us maintain our space and keep horticultural therapy programming free by making a monthly donation today!