Gwen Simmonds Foundation

Registered Name: The Gwen Simmonds Foundation

Business Number: 724929492RR0001

Single-mother families are more vulnerable to poverty and financial hardship. Unemployment and underemployment make running a household that much more difficult. Even more, daycare puts an additional strain on a family’s finances, especially if a parent needs to pay more than one caregiver or pay for after-school programs.

In fact, historically 30% of single mothers are unemployed. Those that are employed spend over 50% of their income on household expenses and another 30% on child care. This leaves little room for tuition fees.

Financial demands, time constraints, and mental exhaustion make educational pursuits that much more daunting.

The Gwen Simmonds Memorial Bursary helps single mothers advance their careers by assisting with the cost of education.

What People Are Saying

"I would like to pass on a thank you for awarding me the bursary from the Gwen Simmonds Foundation, the support has come at a perfect time. I am looking to finishing up my education and my main goal is to be an elementary teacher."

— Christina

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