The Help and Legal Centre of Northumberland

Registered Name: The Help and Legal Centre of Northumberland

Business Number: 888943198RR0001

Our Mission

The Help and Legal Centre of Northumberland provides social-justice advocacy, education and direct services that empower the disadvantaged and vulnerable low-income residents of Northumberland County. Services will be delivered with:

  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Responsiveness
  • Excellence
  • Accountability
  • Openness
  • Consistency

About The Help and Legal Centre of Northumberland

For over 30 years, The Help and Legal Centre of Northumberland (THLCN) has carried out its mission to promote social justice, equity, and the right to self-determination through services provided via two sister agencies: The Help Centre and The Northumberland Community Legal Centre.

THLCN helps the unemployed and disadvantaged residents of Northumberland County by providing help for the real world problems of low-income people. Our program mix evolves with the needs of our community.

Presently, The Help Centre provides programs in Income Security, Housing Security and Health Security, including help with finding appropriate housing, help with paying utilities bills, financial literacy and budgeting, free income-tax completion, ESL and literacy tutoring, and seniors support. The Northumberland Community Legal Centre provides clients with legal advice and representation in common areas of the law related to income, employment, and housing such as OW/ODSP appeals, WSIB appeals, Employment Standards, Landlord/tenant disputes, and CPP/EI issues.

Where there is a gap in services for low-income County residents, THLCN strives to create innovative programs to fill those gaps.

What People Are Saying

"In the year that I’ve been getting help with reading, writing and math with the Help Centre Partners in Learning Program, I’ve been able to pass a First Aid course, a Smart Serve course and am about to get the Safe Food Handling certificate. With all of these courses I will be set to get a job."

— A literacy learner in Partners-in-Learning at The Help Centre

"Freedom to learn; freedom of all people; freedom of choice; this has been a gift I did not have in my country. Canadians are very lucky and kind people."

— A client in the ESL program at The Help Centre

"They helped when I really needed it. You did awesome for what could be done; THC is a great place for anyone to get help."

— Clients in the Housing Program at The Help Centre

" I feel I had a (sic) outstanding lawyer. She put me at ease, and gave me hope when mine was gone. Our community is very luck to have this survice(sic)"

— A client at The Northumberland Community Legal Centre

" I believe I would not have made it through my situation without the knowledge and assistance of my Legal representative. I was slipping through the cracks of the system becoming another sad statistic. Thank you for helping me save my life."

— A client at The Northumberland Community Legal Centre

"With the limited resources the legal center has, they do an amazing job despite cutbacks. ... I only wish I could do more to help, because I believe in the services they provide. Thanks to (my representative) who has stood by me through thick and thin."

— A client at The Northumberland Community Legal Centre

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