The Hummingbird Centre for Hope

Registered Name: The Hummingbird Centre for Hope

Business Number: 842144883RR0001

Our Mission

To build a community of hope for those who are widowed with children

About The Hummingbird Centre for Hope

We provide ongoing assistance to widows and widowers to help them gain the skills and confidence needed to rebuild the lives and dreams of their families.

Research states that the way a surviving parent grieves will have a direct impact on the grief experience of their children. "The most powerful predictor of children's subsequent adjustment to parental loss is the adjustment of the surviving parent, presumably because of the support that the surviving parent is able to give" (Worden (1996) Children and grief).

The more effectively and completely we can support parents, the better equipped they will then be to support their children. Enabling widowed parents with tools and strategies helps them to parent their grieving children - ultimately allowing their children to “live their childhood.”

What People Are Saying

"Sharing stories and laughter with a group that “gets it” is amazing."

— Finding Hope group participant

"I enjoyed the validation, encouragement, understanding from the group. "

— Finding Hope group participant

"I am stronger, more confident and happier given my experience with all of these precious women."

— Finding Hope group participant

"For me, the beauty in shared experience has been that I don't have to turn myself inside out to try and be understood. I simply am. ... We all seem to know enough about where our feelings come from and the root cause of our challenges and our triumphs that we just "get it.""

— Finding Hope group participant

"... I was able to connect with people who got it and we shared so much in a comfortable, secure, trusting, caring environment that it made a huge difference to me. We each had our own story – all the same, but different as well. Those differences helped me ... to improve some things in my world."

— Finding Hope group participant

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