The Incorporated Ministry in Flemingdon Park

Registered Name: The Incorporated Ministry in Flemingdon Park

Business Number: 804876423RR0001

Our Mission

Flemingdon Park Ministry has been walking alongside and working with the people of Flemingdon Park for over 40 years. Anglican leaders at that time made a conscious choice to be “community-based” rather than develop a traditional parish and church building. Since that time, the staff of FPM has walked alongside women suffering violence and abuse, stood with other community members against drug dealers, advocated for housing, sought to secure access to healthy food for all community members, stood up to racism through walks of peace, worked and advocated for new Canadians and refugees, and has sat with the broken-hearted and listened to the stories of struggle and pain. Flemingdon Park has developed into one of the most diverse communities in Canada, and FPM has always offered and will continue to offer a safe space for each and every community member to gather.

What People Are Saying

"This place, these people are my family"

— Asgar - Client

"I've never before had the privilege of working at an organization that accomplishes so much good in a community for so little. Staff, volunteers, and clients work so closely together it's incredible"

— Craig Herbert

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