Iqaluit Music Society

Registered Name: The Iqaluit Music Society-Iqalunninihhausijarnimut Katujjijit

Business Number: 885255646RR0001

The Iqaluit Music Society is a group of dedicated, Iqaluit-based volunteers who support, provide, and promote music education opportunities for the children, youth and adults of Iqaluit since 1995!  

Margaret Mead, a well known cultural anthropologist, once said,"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

...and The Iqaluit Music Society is proof of this.  For 23 years now, this small group of dedicated Iqaluit-based community members have organized a week long summer music camp which traditionally happens on the third full week of  August. 140 youth each year have the opportunity to study two of the following workshops:  Drum Dancing, Throat Singing, Accordion, Fiddle, Guitar, Percussion, Xylophone, Recorder, Dance, Choir or Songs & Games for the little ones.  We also organize a week long choral festival in the spring with a guest conductor visiting all six schools in the city - helping our children and volunteer choir conductors to sing in a mass choir of about 200 singers at the closing concert of the festival.  

During the school year we run a weekly fiddle club with approximately 60 children and youth, and hope to expand our accordion program as well.

We also coordinate music workshops with visiting musicians or music educators throughout the school year.

However, Iqaluit is the only capital city in Canada in which you can't drive to can only fly to it making it costly and challenging to obtain instruments. There is only one full time music teacher at the high school, one private piano teacher, and a fiddle university or conservatory music programs to entice teachers from...thus youth who thrive on music are left to thirst for more opportunities....and eagerly look forward to the Choral Festival and Music Camp each year.

Winner in November 2017 of one of Canada's Volunteer Awards for Social Innovator:

"Teach children the beauty of music and music will show them the beauty of life."  -- Maestro Abreu, El Sistema

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