The J.A./Bayview Trust

Registered Name: The J.A./Bayview Trust

Business Number: 828765354RR0001

About The J.A./Bayview Trust

In September 2008, Junior Academy began operating classes in its newly constructed premises located at 2454 Bayview Avenue. The driving force behind this massive undertaking was two-fold:

(1) The Junior Academy needed well equipped premises in order to continue providingits students with a superior quality of education and (2) to ensure the school's ability to accommodate its growing middle school population.

In order to achieve these goals, Junior Academy has established a Charitable Trust(The J.A./ Bayview Trust) to help raise the funds essential for the many resource materials needed for the effective implementation of both its current & future programs relating to things such as Arts, Technology, Athletics, and Professional Development.

At Junior Academy, we strive to put a child’s strengths at the forefront of their education. We believe that students do well if they can, therefore we provide a supportive environment where students are accepted, appreciated, encouraged and challenged according to their individual strengths.

While Tuition fees are intended to cover the school's operating costs on an annual basis, Junior Academy, like most private schools, still requires the support of current & past parents, alumni, as well as, the community, to provide the additional support necessary to enhance and enrich the core academics of the curriculum.

Annual Giving essentially makes up the difference between tuition revenues that maintain the "real" cost of operating and advancing the school. Like most private schools aiming for 100% participation in their "annual giving" campaigns; these donations demonstrate the confidence of the current & future students in the school and furthermore encourage the participation of other donors from outside the school community.

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