Registered Name: The Learn and Uplift Foundation

Business Number: 805161593RR0001

Better Prepared. Prepared for Better.

The Learn and Uplift Foundation is a Toronto based charity empowering underprivileged youth with employable and life skills for a sustainable livelihood. We provide free self-paced online skills training with the help of local NGOs in host countries especially targeting the alarming number of youth who are  Not in Education, Employment or Training (N.E.E.T).

Canada: 1 in 5 children under the age of 18 live in poverty and many youth face challenges building life skills. Indigenous youth in remote communities are often most impacted. We leverage the high priority accorded to youth well-being and a robust tech infrastructure to empower Canadian youth with life skills like financial literacy and cyber-security.

India: has the largest concentration of youth population in the world  with 1 million Indians turning 18 each month for the coming several years. Over 150 million youth are estimated to be below the poverty line.  We leverage resources of the second largest internet user base in the world to empower Indian youth with employable and life skills.

Africa:  has a youth population of 378 million that is  expected to rise to 830 million, by 2050. Today, youth account for 60% of all African unemployed. The youth unemployment rate is estimated at 30%. While internet penetration is low (18%), mobile phone penetration is a high 80%. We are proud to partner with Facebook’s initiative to build awareness on a range of relevant issues  among youth.

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