Leighton Art Centre


Business Number: 119241917RR0001

Value Statement:

Respecting A.C. and Barbara Leighton’s legacy, we value creativity, relationships, learning and the aesthetic experience.

Vision Statement:

Enriching lives and connections to each other, the Leighton Art Centre connects you to art, history, and landscape.

Mission Statement:

As a vibrant and open space for creativity, the Leighton Art Centre inspires us to explore, appreciate and create.


The Leighton Art Centre’s 80-acre property offers some of the most beautiful vistas in western Canada. The hill property southwest of Calgary overlooks the foothills and the Canadian Rockies.

Over 20,000 visitors each year come from across Canada and the world. Over 8,000 school children participate in art and nature classes. Summer camp, exhibitions and major Spring and Christmas Art Sales attract art lovers.

The Leighton Art Centre, Gallery and Museum is a well-known art venue showcasing outstanding exhibitions by Alberta Artists. The predominant focus of art, inspired by the landscape, is the legacy the Leighton Art Centre is built upon.

The former home and property of Albertan artists A.C. and Barbara Leighton was bequeathed to cultivate an appreciation of art through the use of its assets. The museum mandate is to establish, maintain and operate an art centre to foster education in the arts and to preserve and exhibit its assets for the public and future generations.

What People Are Saying

"Thank you for your generous gift. For that reason, we have more opportunities. I really appreciate it! "

— Althea - grade 4

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