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Our Mission

WELCOME to The Little Chamber Music Series That Could!

We are a tiny organization committed to creating unique, free public performances and large-scale, inclusive community projects and events, combining original classical music with other diverse art forms.

The Little Chamber Music Series That Could Society is a Vancouver non-profit whose mandate is to create distinctive public events of the highest artistic calibre to engage new audiences with contemporary Canadian classical music. It is run by composer Mark Haney (Artistic Director) and artist Diane Park (General Manager).

Free, accessible, inclusive and innovative celebrations of important events have become our focus. Our “clients” are people of all ages, ethnicities and interests, not just those who already are familiar with contemporary classical music. The participation of children and youth is a very important part of our work, which involves outreach to schools and youth groups.

Building community through sharing the artistic process is also fundamental to many of our projects.

We hire diverse Canadian composers, musicians and other artists of high professional calibre and pay them at professional rates to help support the arts communities.

More than 1000 very diverse people from across Western Canada came to a remote Vancouver park for our 2014 Remembrance Day event in Falaise Park. Entitled “11”, the project brought the stories of Canadian World War II veterans alive through music and commemoration. It featured on national radio and TV news, and now we present the piece every Remembrance Day in Vancouver's Mountain View Cemetery.

Summer Solstice in Mountain View Cemetery, begun in 2015, is also now an annual event, and has drawn an audience of more than 1000 people. Both years, 35 community dancers worked with professional choreographers, composers, musicians and visual artists to create this beautiful outdoor celebration of the longest day of the year. In the process we hope to build community and passion for art and music in people of all ages.

Since 2013 Little Chamber Music has been privileged to contribute an evening of original music and art each year to Mountain View Cemetery's All Souls Celebrations. Featuring new works by Canadian composers Nicole Lizeé, Joelysa Pankanea and Mark Haney, with art work by Diane Park, these evenings celebrate the beauty of life while we make space to remember those we have lost.

We reach diverse communities through educational projects like East Side Animals. Artistic Director Mark Haney led 100 school children from marginalized parts of East Vancouver in composing serious music over several months. The beautiful performance of the final piece was the first classical music concert many audience members had attended. 

Devoted to Canadian music, focused on BC and Vancouver composers and performers, and known for welcoming new audiences through innovative events in unusual places, The Little Chamber Music Series That Could occupies a unique place in Vancouver’s vibrant and diverse new music scene.

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