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What if every person in Canada had the chance to hear the TRUTH about Jesus?

The world today feels crippled by fear and divisiveness. Like you, we're troubled by the direction our country is going. But we know there's hope.

When people truly understand who Jesus is, they'll realize He's not out to get them—but that He wants to fill their lives with grace, love and healing. That's when they can finally experience real peace. That's when they find hope and a purpose for their future.

By giving to Miracle Channel, 100% of your donation goes toward ministry outreaches that are bringing this truth to men and women across the country and around the world.

Whether someone turns on their TV and finds an inspiring teaching program... reads a devotional that speaks to exactly what they're going through... or takes a course that opens their eyes to the truth in God's Word... ALL of it is about bringing the life-changing message of Jesus to hurting people.

And all of it is possible because of our donors.

Miracle Channel is currently broadcasting to 5.6 million homes. And with the launch of our brand-new second channel, Corco, we'll be able to reach millions of additional homes across Canada with the hope of the Gospel. More than ever, this message is what our country needs right now.

Give today and leave a lasting impact in people's hearts for eternity!