Registered Name: The Mission to Seafarers - Southern Ontario

Business Number: 140876467RR0001

The Mission to Seafarers Southern Ontario (Hamilton, Toronto and Oshawa) is part of the largest non-denominational, multi-faith ministry in the world.  While we were founded in 1856 through the work of many Anglican clergy, in 2016 we serve seafarers of all faiths - and none.  

It is our privilege to assist the people who ensure that 90% of all the goods we need are brought to our shores as safely possible in the most difficult and dangerous working conditions in the world.  Ours is the "Ministry of Small Gestures": we visit every ship that arrives in our ports; we bring bags of chocolate as our welcome (seafarers love chocolate!); we assist with local transportation for shopping, medical visits, and recreation, as well as bringing them to our Mission Stations.  We provide free WiFi at all our Mission stations - soon to open in the spring of 2017 will be our Oshawa Station.  We offer a friendly ear that will listen, commiseration in sadness and celebration in joy.  Ours is a ministry of hospitality where no seafarers will be left behind, where they know they are not isolated, and are valued by the world.  

Through your donations, you participate in The Ministry of Small Gestures: keeping the Wifi running, the coffee hot, and enabling our staff and volunteers to continue to do the work of hospitality that is so important to the Seafarers.  On behalf of Seafarers everywhere: thank you for your donation!

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