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Replacing Commemorative Plaques: Preserving Our History


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Replacing Commemorative Plaques: Preserving Our History

Heritage plaques mark the location of significant events, illuminate the underlying meaning of sites and buildings, and keep the memory of notable figures and community members alive in the places and communities which they helped shape. Heritage Mississauga has participated in the creation of over 70 plaques around the city of Mississauga. Keeping social memory alive contributes to community awareness and pride. Mississauga is a unique community deserving of commemoration and preservation through the use of memorials and historical signage.

Plaques that were installed over a decade ago now need replacement due to weather damage. It is important that residents and visitors of Mississauga have placemarkers to understand the history of a city that continues to change rapidly today. It is important that we remember where we have been and pay homage to the communities that were here before us.

Donate today and help us keep the memory of our city alive for tomorrow.