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The Museum of Mental Health Services (Toronto) Inc, formerly known as Friends of the CAMH Archives (FoCA), have expanded their scope by formally joining forces with Madness Canada/ Folie Canada to become the Museum of Mental Health (MOMH), with the well-known website as Madness Canada. This merger allows both organizations to extend their shared mandates of preservation, education, and research in the field of Canadian mental health history and its legacies.

We began more than a quarter-century ago, originally as The Museum of Mental Health Services (Toronto) Inc., to support archival and heritage programs at the Queen Street site. With the 1998 CAMH merger, our focus broadened to support archival and historical activities for mental health (including addiction) programs at all CAMH sites as well as other healthcare facilities specializing in mental health.

Following a 2023 review, FoCA sought a like-minded group with which to join forces and found that Madness Canada aligned well with its aims and objectives. Combined, we are the Museum of Mental Health, a non-profit that delivers mental health educational programming and dynamic, relevant research exhibits and resources. Unification challenges our new organization to engage in the critical strategic thinking needed to create a nationally recognized source of reliable information, experiential educational modules, and insights from a history that is both troubling and inspirational.

Archival Research Awards Program

Supporting archival research since 2000 through our annual Awards' program is the our principal charitable activity.  Through an annual juried competition, we help to enable archives-based research projects in the history of psychiatry and other mental health services in Canada. 

For further information, please see application details outlined on the back page of every Newsletter edition.  A brief synopsis of each year's selected projects is outlined in the Spring edition.

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