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Our Mission

The Nature Trust of British Columbia is dedicated to conserving BC’s biological diversity through securement and management of ecologically significant lands.

About The Nature Trust of BC

The Nature Trust of British Columbia is a leading land conservation organization based in BC. We acquire ecologically significant land through purchase, donation, covenant and lease. Then we care for this land in order to protect the natural diversity of wildlife and plants, and their critical habitats.

Since 1971, The Nature Trust of BC, along with our partners, has secured over 70,000 hectares (175,000 acres) of land.

We need your help to conserve BC land for wildlife and plants.

What People Are Saying

"I would like to express my gratitude to The Nature Trust of BC for many years of conservation work and for securing the Twin Lakes Ranch Conservation Area - 2,000 acres of land that will remain in its natural state in perpetuity. I hope you will join me in supporting The Nature Trust of BC."

— Dave Brown, Contact Printing

"With a little help from The Nature Trust even someone on an Old Age Security pension can buy important bits of land all over the province; and solve a reluctant consumer's dilemma."

— Ted Kay

"Planning a charitable gift can bring the family together in the selection of the appropriate cause, which echoes the family's values and aspirations. With a gift to The Nature Trust of BC, those echoes may include the sounds of a grandchild's laughter carried across the golden grassy meadows..."

— Andrew MacKay, Alexander Holburn Beaudin + LLP

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