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Rescue and Re-homing Fund


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Rescue and Re-homing Fund

Ponies come into our care for many reasons. Sometimes their owners can't care for them anymore or their personal situation changes. We have an active re-homing committee that helps Newfoundland Ponies that need temporary care while we work on finding them a home. The costs can add up including trailering, veterinary care, farrier work and paying for hay or temporary board. Each year, we are involved in helping Newfoundland Ponies, moving them to safety and eventually into a permanent home. We have a good network of helpers coast-to-coast and are able to move ponies quickly when we need to. (The most dangerous place for a pony to land is on an auction lot in Canada where they are at risk of being sold for meat.)

We rely on an active network of pony helpers and generous donors to help us do this work.