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North Van Arts (North Vancouver Community Arts Council) is a grassroots, not-for-profit, charitable organization with a mandate to build strong and healthy communities through the arts. Founded in 1969, North Van Arts has been dedicated to supporting artists and the community by maximizing the intrinsic value of the arts in all disciplines for over 50 years.

How can you help?

Your donation will help us support artists through exhibitions, arts education, innovative events, and professional development, creating a cultural legacy and a vibrant community. Our organization provides vital platforms for artists to connect to the community, and we need your support to help us to continue to deliver our programs and champion the impact of arts and culture on the North Shore.

Building strong and healthy communities through the Arts

The impact of the arts and art education must not be underestimated, with mounting evidence about its positive effects on learning and society. When integrated into communities, the arts help to foster creativity, innovation, problem-solving, and cognitive development, equipping individuals young and old with skills that can be transferred into a wide variety of professions and industries.

The arts also help to connect marginalized people in our communities, performing a key role as a catalyst for community dialogue and debate, helping to integrate those who are isolated due to health, financial, or societal effects. Offering a wide variety of exhibition opportunities, courses, and workshops through our programs, North Van Arts works hard with the community and local schools to provide high-quality, informative exhibitions, events, and art education opportunities that are accessible to all.

Championing artists and the creative economy 

We advocate for cultural policy, facilitating cultural projects and community engagement through creative placemaking and events across the North Shore. We believe arts and culture are always at the heart of urban and economic regeneration, with artists and creatives helping to invigorate communities, breathing new life into neighborhoods, developing cultural identity, and creating unique hubs of creative industry and business.

Our greatest asset is our community of over 450 active members comprised of artists, educators, industry professionals, and those with a passion for arts and creativity. Our members help to inspire and inform our programming, creating a cultural network of mentors, teachers, and innovators who strive to champion and develop an awareness of the arts on the North Shore. 

We achieve our goals each year by offering: 

  • Exhibition calls and opportunities for artists in four public gallery spaces across the North Shore;
  • Integrated After School Art at local schools;
  • High-Quality arts education delivered by industry professionals for both adults and children, including music therapy and art and ecology programs for vulnerable youth;
  • Innovative Spring and Summer break camps; 
  • Accessible events showcasing local artists, highlighting the vibrant cultural community on the North Shore; 
  • Fundraising exhibitions and projects to help support local artists; 
  • The North Shore Culture Compass, a unique interactive online resource to connect and help residents and visitors discover artists, businesses, communities, and cultural institutions across the North Shore. 

Please Donate now!

To ensure arts and culture continue to thrive and flourish, please donate now. Every donation counts and with your help, we can create a cultural legacy on the North Shore to be enjoyed for generations to come.

What People Are Saying

"The 'Mindfulness Through Art Journaling' class is so needed in our community right now. The tutor led intentionally with a calm, solid presence and supported the flow both verbally and musically with grace. The class left me feeling positive, grounded and full of creativity for the coming week."

— A student from the Mindfulness Through Art Journaling class

"Having a creative outlet to express myself and my identity has been so freeing. When I walk into music therapy, all my troubles melt away, immersing myself in music for an hour or so always makes me feel better. The space to work on myself and my insecurities through music is so important to me."

— A student from the Rhythm and Word Music Therapy Program

"I learned so much about different fungi and all the stuff you can do with them. Its been really interesting because we don’t learn any of this in art or science classes. I can now identify different species, paint with the pigments, dye my hair... I even learned how to walk on stilts!"

— A student from the Art & Mycology program.

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