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Our Mission

At the Nova Scotia Sea School we draw on the age-old wisdom of the sea to learn the lessons of life. Lesson of courage, generosity, respect, teamwork, environmental stewardship, responsibility and leadership.

We do this through teaching young people, aged 12-19, the art of traditional boat building and the skills of seamanship.

The Sea School's challenging, real life adventure training builds self-esteem and pride in accomplishment. For 25 years our teenage crews have learned to navigate their wooden boats through often rough and stormy waters of the Nova Scotia coastline by trusting the creativity and strength of everyone on board - including themselves. By taking command of their boats, these young people learn to take command of their lives.

The Nova Scotia Sea School offers a wide range of hands-on education programming, including wilderness survival training, sail-training for youth and adults, and specialized programming for at-risk youth.

The key to the success of Sea School programs is that we offer young people the chance to create a microcosm of the society they would like to live in. Our instructors aim to “teach themselves out of a job” by handing as much responsibility as possible over to participants to create the group dynamics, plan their journey and make all the decisions. This learning structure is unlike anything most young people have ever experienced – it is all up to them.


Participants grow themselves into a true ship's crew in the wood shop, wilderness and at sea; putting those abilities to work for each other, for the Sea School, and for the community at large. We further build on this responsibility by enabling a clear path for older students to train younger ones, for graduated students to become instructors, for young trainees and instructors to be referred to other training and employment experiences in our community and beyond.

The Sea School is for everyone

We know that people learn more from each other when they are not all alike and that every single youth is deserving of a Sea School experience. It is our commitment to not turn youth away. To make this possible we provide more than 70% of our participants with bursary support.

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