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Will you share your Library LOVE?


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Will you share your Library LOVE?

Make a gift to Oakville Public Library and invest in the power of LOVE for your library.

Libraries are more than just buildings full of books – they are cultural hubs, meeting places, and spaces for learning and growth. OPL’s role is pivotal in helping connect our customers to the world-at-large, spark innovation and growth in our community.

By donating to OPL, you are helping to sustain equitable access to vital resources that supports culture, mental health well-being, digital discovery and learning, and lifelong curiosity. While public funding supports our core and do even more for the community. As a registered charity, we rely on public and private funding to make a real impact. Join us in creating a brighter future for Oakville and donate to the Oakville Public Library today.

Public funding supports libraries, and your gifts help us flourish. OPL is a registered charity that sustains itself through both public and private funding. Government funding covers our core expenses (i.e. operations, administration, infrastructure and maintenance). Your gifts make the difference and allow the library to expand its library services and spaces beyond what the operating budgets cover.