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Our Mission

Founded by Kendra Fanconi and Eric Rhys Miller in 2005, The Only Animal creates, cultivates, and inspires theatre work that arises from a deep engagement with place. The elemental identity of our west coast home is often the inspiration of our site-specific work. We work in water, sand, snow and ice, with trees. The imagination is another primal site of our exploration, and we are just as rigorous in our mining of it. The potency of such sites prepares ourselves and our audiences for the adventure of exploring the landscape of the inner world. In this way, The Only Animal is all about being human. Some of our work is with communities, expanding the notions of who is an artist. The work ranges from intimate shows for an audience of one to large-scale spectacle. But all of this work is huge. We love the impossible.

About Our Charity

Create: We develop and create new plays of every scale that often spring from the imagination and the elemental identity of our landscape. We have broad shoulders and the ability to undertake ambitious projects. We focus on the local, and partner to take the work farther afield.

Retreat: At our rural retreat centre we offer a wide range of theatre artists the space to pursue their own work, engage with place and with our company. We seek to cultivate the west coast voice and vision, in artists of this place and beyond.

Inspire: With a strong belief in creative transparency, we open our creation methods and process to artists and audiences alike. Here we seek to catalyze the creativity in others.

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