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Our Mission

The Ontario Public Health Association (OPHA) provides leadership on issues affecting the public's health, and strengthens the impact of people who are active in public and community health.

Housed within OPHA is Nutrition Connections Canada (formerly the Nutrition Resource Centre) − a centre for nutrition services and resources, education, training and collaboration − that supports access to better nutrition by advocating for food security, sustainable food environments, food literacy, and healthy eating guidelines and policies.

Our Role

OPHA seeks better health outcomes for all based on prevention, the social determinants of health, and equity principles. Since 1949, OPHA has been a champion for health promotion, protection and prevention. Its members come from various backgrounds, disciplines and sectors, and have been leading change on issues such as tobacco control, poverty reduction, and chronic disease prevention, increased access to oral health care and active transportation, among others.

Nutrition Connections Canada supports health professionals, businesses, government and community organizations, educators, researchers and others working in food and nutrition. It facilitates initiatives such as universal school food programs and food literacy among children, parents and caregivers, and provides opportunities for those in the food and nutrition field to meet organizational needs, learn, connect, and share evidence-based information.

Our Work

Through education, research, advocating and collaboration, the OPHA:

  • Educates on issues ranging from road safety, climate change to reproductive health;
  • Acts as a voice for public health and citizens concerned about health;
  • Brings workgroups together to examine evidence and develop policy and programs for the betterment of public health; and,
  • Collaborates and partners with academics, researchers and others to advance health and well-being.

Through evidence-based research, training and events, knowledge sharing and customized consultations, Nutrition Connections Canada advocates, informs, supports and builds capacity in nutrition and health promotion. As a nutrition centre of excellence, it advances and accelerates practice in areas such as:

  • Mental health and nutrition;
  • Nutrition for seniors;
  • Diabetes prevention;
  • Food literacy;
  • Child nutrition, and many other areas of need.

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