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20 Public Transit Tickets


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20 Public Transit Tickets

The RAFT has provided a safe learning environment and temporary housing accommodations for thousands of at-risk and homeless youth across the Niagara Region. The RAFT helps vulnerable youth transition into successful adulthood by connecting them with the supports and services they need to take control of their lives and become healthy, happy and independent members of society.

As another holiday season draws near, the RAFT is preparing to kick-start its annual Christmas fundraising campaign to help raise funds for at-risk and homeless youth. This Christmas, you can join The RAFT in supporting our most vulnerable children.

For $50, you can purchase 20 bus or public transit tickets to help youth access support services available in their community. Oftentimes, inadequate transportation options prevent youth from accessing the essential support services they need (emergency shelter, food banks, service agencies, etc.). In the absence of affordable transportation options, youth express difficulty in attending appointments, school and in some cases, their job. Contributing to transportation costs helps youth overcome this inconvenience and gain access the support services they need to lead healthy, happy and independent lives.