The Realistic Success Recovery Society

Registered Name: The Realistic Success Recovery Society

Business Number: 850757386RR0001

Our Mission

The Realistic Success Recovery Society was founded in 2007 to meet a growing need in the recovery industry for well-run, ethical, caring recovery homes for men seeking to mend from addiction, abuse and homelessness.  Our mandate is to provide a safe, supportive, structured and supervised environment to facilitate physical, mental, emotional and spirtitual recovery. This is accomplished by providing onsite non-medical detox; a professional addiction program; educating life skills; guided 12 step study groups; restorative health and rehabilitation through recreation. 

 Founded on the idea that recovery does not happen "all alone", we offer our residents an opportunity to take the first difficult steps of recovery with other like-minded individuals by providing an alcohol and drug-free long-term residential environment. For many clients, this is their first adult contact with a drug and alcohol-free way of living.

 The mission of the Realistic Success Recovery Society is to provide the highest quality, ethical, long-term recovery program for residents who wish to recover and heal from their addictions. From the desperation of addiction to hope and healing.

"When you do the right thing, the right thing happens." Gary T. Robinson,

( Co-Founder).

About The Realistic Success Recovery Society

The Trilogy Houses - REAL Recovery for Men -are home to adult men addicted to drugs and/or alcohol. The Trilogy Houses are certified with the BC Ministry of Health Assisted Living Registry. The Trilogy Houses offer a unique and successful long-term residential alcohol and drug recovery program, which includes:

75% success rate for those staying one year or longer. Attendance at daily AA/NA meetings

8-16 months in residence

Open door to the healing work of the recovery community.

DVD recovery program consisting of watching good moves in a relaxing atmosphere.

Support for legal or employment issues

Group counseling sessions and One/One sessions

Assistance with developing goals and strategies

Guided Step Study sessions with an Accredited Counselor

Residents learn life skills by taking responsibility for meal planning, preparation, serving and cleanup. Laundry, home cleaning, yard work and simple maintenance - all aspects of the mutual self-help approach.

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