The Rosary Apostolate, Inc.

Registered Name: The Rosary Apostolate Inc.

Business Number: 804159226RR0001

The Rosary Apostolate is an apostolate of evangelization through prayer which began on the schools and later extended to the Families and the forming of Parish Prayer groups.

Aims and Objectives

The Rosary Apostolate seeks to bring about a spiritual renewal in future generations through the intercession of Mary, the Mother of God and by the power of the Holy Spirit.

The Rosary Apostolate wishes to respond to the initiatives requested by the Pope and the Magisterium. The Apostolate through its volunteers, wants to help the children and youth to feel that they belong to a greater family of God, namely, the Roman Catholic Church.

The Rosary Apostolate also promotes devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary through the Holy Rosary and the Act of Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  We seek to inspire children and youth to love God with the love of Mary's heart by giving them the opportunity to experience God's presence in prayer and establishing a relationship with God and the Virgin Mary.

Since 1997, members of the Rosary Apostolate have been creating a positive experience of prayer which students enjoy and remember for years to come!  Students never find praying the Rosary boring because we have put together themes intended to make "praying the rosary" a truly "inspiring" and interesting experience for them.  An experience which is always "new" with reflections to ponder at every decade of the Rosary in connection with the monthly theme. Our presentations have been approved by the Archdiocese of Toronto and other participating Catholic Diocese.  

Presentations and prayers are modified according to the different age groups, required time:

J.K. & S.K.: 15 min.

One Mystery of the Rosary, Three Hail Marys, Consecration & Song

Grade 1 to 3: 20 min.

One Mystery of the Rosary, One decade of the Rosary, Consecration & Song

Grade 4 to 8: 45 min.

Theme Presentation, Rosary five mysteries with meditations, Consecration & Song

Each child will receive a FREE ROSARY on our first visit.

Our goal is to visit every classroom in your school, on a monthly basis, from October to April. We will conclude our visits in May with a Marian Celebration. All volunteers undergo a 10-step screening process according to Government of Ontario regulations and are given proper training prior to visiting schools.

The Rosary Apostolate continues to expand because teachers continue to see the good fruits that derive from praying the rosary in the hearts of students!

Teachers often say after the third monthly visit: “After you prayed the rosary with my classroom, the students were more focused on the lessons I was teaching!”

“Since you began praying the rosary in our school we have noticed an improvement in the behavior on the playground.”

“The students in my class are being nicer to one another.”

“Students are now praying for one another.”

“The spiritual dimension of our school has been enhanced.” And so on... 


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