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D6330 RYE50: Celebrating 50 Years of Youth Exchange in District 6330!


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D6330 RYE50: Celebrating 50 Years of Youth Exchange in District 6330!

"If every 17-year-old went on a Rotary Youth Exchange, there would be no more wars."

- 2006-2007 Rotary International President Carl Wilhelm Stenhammer

Rotary Youth Exchange is a program that promotes world peace and cross-cultural understanding by providing youth with the opportunity to form lifelong relationships with people all over the world—powerful, meaningful, lasting bonds that transcend religion, race, ethnicity, age, language, gender, and more. In today's world, unity and collaboration are more important than ever, and the Rotary Youth Exchange Program aims to foster and encourage both.

As an RYE alumni, host family member, or Rotarian involved in RYE, you are part of something extraordinary—full of growth, learning, challenges, new experiences, and memories—and we want to help enable more students to participate in this wonderful opportunity. So, to commemorate the 50th Anniversary Rotary Youth Exchange in District 6330, we have established the D6330 RYE50 Scholarship Fund so we can help give the gift of Rotary Youth Exchange! Your donation will help ensure that no student is prohibited from participating in a Rotary Youth Exchange due to financial constraints.