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Adopt a Girl in Haven's Way™


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Adopt a Girl in Haven's Way™

Youth experiencing homelessness often lack family and financial support and do not have adequate knowledge and experience to navigate systems in place to access supports. Havens Way™ is a voluntary, long-term supportive housing program that assists girls between the ages of 14 to 24, who do not have child welfare status, and who have a focus and commitment to completing their education.  They have experienced considerable housing instability, alongside additional risks such as mental health, physical and sexual abuse, neglect, addictions, trauma, family conflict, violence, and sexual exploitation.

Haven’s Way™ provides comprehensive supports for six young women, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Typically, the program serves nine unique individuals per year. Age is not the determining factor when a girl moves out, rather it is a mutual decision that is made in much the same manner as a nuclear family. The average time a girl will live at Haven’s Way™ is two and a half years; some have stayed as long as four years. Due to the long-term stability Haven’s Way™ provides to young women exiting homelessness, the turnover of youth served is quite low and speaks to the success of the program and the youth we serve. The impact of our program grows exponentially due to ongoing communication, informal supports with the young women and their families, and the impact they make as they enter their new world as a self-reliant, contributing citizen in our community.

Haven’s Way™ direct program costs for one girl for one month are $3,500.  This includes a safe home with a roof over their head and a warm bed to sleep in, plus food, healthcare, clothing, educational opportunities, school supplies, individualized support, recreation, therapeutic activities, transportation, personal incidentals and gifts.

We believe that even one life changed is a significant accomplishment and benefit to our society.  Join us in changing a life by adopting a girl in Haven’s Way™.