The Bethany Hope Centre


Business Number: 107951618RR0396

The Salvation Army Bethany Hope Centre has always been an important part of the Ottawa landscape. Since the early 1900’s The Salvation Army Bethany Hope Centre has provided services to vulnerable young women and their children. Through prenatal care, education, child development and counselling, many local young people have been empowered to become successful members of our community.

In today’s world, there are still many variables which impact young families. Poverty, low levels of education, underemployment, poor nutrition, mental health challenges and addictions, can all contribute to poor outcomes for Ottawa children and youth. When our children and youth struggle, we are all impacted.

Bethany Hope Centre is a community hub for at risk young parents and their children. The programs focus on 5 key areas of young family well-being; financial health, emotional health, mental health, physical health and community engagement supporting economic independence and poverty reduction. Services include parenting, life skills, employment and education skills, counselling support, fathering, childcare, bus tickets, healthy meals, food bank, and a health clinic.

The Bethany Hope Centre is looking to build community and partnerships with those who care about the outcomes of our local children and youth. We are hoping to build relationships with socially responsible individuals, families and businesses, that want to collaborate on improving the overall well-being of children and youth in Ottawa.

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