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Puttin’ on the Roof Campaign


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Puttin’ on the Roof Campaign

Over the past several years, our band hall has had many challenges with its roof. Repairs were completed on the wall, support beams and roof edges. But it has now come to our attention that substantial repairs will need to be done to save our roof. Our home needs a new roof! Our band hall needs your support.

The Fundraising committee is starting a new fundraising campaign called “Puttin’ on the Roof”. To keep us in our hall and continue to make great music for years to come, everyone’s support is needed to help us reach our “Puttin’ on the Roof” goals.

We are counting on the membership to help us reach our fundraising goals. We hope that through our fundraising efforts, we can avoid the need to arrange a bank loan.

To kick-start our campaign, we are excited to announce we have secured matching donations from our members who are willing to step up to support our fundraising campaign. The members are graciously offering to match all designated donations to our “Puttin’ on the Roof” campaign. They are willing to donate up to $20,000 in matching funds! All donations to the “Puttin’ on the Roof” campaign will only be matched up to Dec 15, 2023. We are grateful to our members for helping us reach our goal with the matching contributions. Thank you! 

Currently we have invested some money, but we will need more money to finish our project. We are asking for your support through your donations. If you are interested in donating anonymously, we are more than happy to discuss any arrangements in private.

After all, without a roof, we have no home! We hope you can help us with our “Puttin’ on the Roof” campaign.