The Sharing Farm Society

Registered Name: The Sharing Farm Society

Business Number: 863238515RR0001

Our Mission

We grow Food. We grow Farmers. We grow Community.

At The Sharing Farm we grow healthy fruits and vegetables year-round for Richmond Families in need. Our produce goes to the Food bank and Community Meal programs.

In our over ten year history, we have donated well over 200,000 pounds. We have also grown as an organization transforming from our roots as the Richmond Fruit Tree Sharing Project to a thriving community farm. As a Food Security education centre, we have formal and informal education programs that teach new generations of urban farmers and backyard gardeners. Mental health and addiction groups have been blended into our volunteer program as a form of horticultural therapy.

We believe passionately that what we do at The Sharing Farm is vital to keeping our community healthy. Many great thinkers have said that “a measure of a society is in how it treats its weakest members.” We believe in treating our less fortunate with compassion and a helping hand. We hope you will help The Sharing Farm continue helping others.

About The Sharing Farm Society

The Sharing Farm grows food to feed Richmond families in need. The Farm is run by community members for community members, and is dedicated to providing fresh, healthy, local produce to our less fortunate neighbours. The Sharing Farm operates on a tiny budget, but thanks to the generosity of our over 1,000 yearly volunteers and the devotion of a small core of part-time staff, the Farm is able to provide thousands of pounds of fruits and vegetables every year to community meals throughout the city and the Richmond Food Bank.

From a beginning involving collecting surplus fruit to give to the Richmond Food Bank, through growing vegetables on a small scale on donated land, The Sharing Farm Society now cultivates 5 acres between the Farm in Terra Nova Rural Park and our Orchard in south Richmond.

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