The SHARP Foundation


Business Number: 897948436RR0001

Our Mission

To provide quality, holistic care for the community’s vulnerable persons with complex health and social needs who are living with or are at highest risk of contracting HIV. 

Our Vision

Each person living with HIV will have a home and compassionate supports to meet their needs.

Our Mandate

To develop, implement and support innovative programs to provide integrated care for persons living with HIV, which reduces risk behaviours and prevents further transmission of HIV in the community. 

About Our Charity

The SHARP Foundation is a Calgary-based, non-profit, charitable organization that provides a spectrum of integrated (medical, physical, psychosocial and spiritual aspects) care for people living with complex health and social needs.  Our clients face numerous challenges including homelessness, mental health issues, addictions, physical disabilities, poverty, HIV, Hepatitis C, diabetes, brain injury, stigma, discrimination and much more.  Each challenge poses another barrier to the services they need. SHARP offers hope, dignity and compassion in a safe, non-judgmental environment.

SHARP currently operates 6 residential care programs:

  • Beswick House was the first home ever opened by SHARP, opening its doors 1993. Beswick House is a 24-hour supportive living environment that can house up to 10 individuals living with HIV. This program also supports individuals who are in need of long-term, palliative care.
  • Scott House was opened in 2001 as an intermediate care home for clients who require support to successfully establish themselves into independent living situations. Residents have access to support services such as case management and transitional living skills while living independently.
  • Project 2011 is a long-term housing and support program for individuals who have demonstrated the ability to live independently in a group home setting.
  • Project Kathleen opened its doors on World AiDS Day December 1, 2011. This home provides longer term, 24/7 supportive care for women with complex health/psychosocial profiles.
  • Carlyle Commons opened in 2013 and is a long-term, independent apartment-living program for seniors living with HIV and families whose primary support is living with HIV. The Carlyle Commons provides support to clients, while also fostering an environment on community development. 
  • Murray's House is a permanent-supported housing program for up to 23 Calgarians experiencing chronic homelessness and needing the 24/7 supports SHARP is famous for!  

Our Challenge and Need

SHARP is currently in its 28th year of providing its unique care.  In the past 10 years it has increased its capacity from being able to house 13 clients, to now over 70 clients! Despite this phenomenal growth, SHARP continues to seek new ways to serve the increasing demand of services needed by those living with or affected by HIV.  SHARP is currently working with its community partners to study innovative ways we may be able to meet the demands from people aging with HIV including LGBTQ+ seniors programming.  

We would like to thank those who have supported SHARP in its endeavours to improve the lives of individuals living HIV. Without your generous encouragement and support SHARP would not have had the opportunity to support as many clients as we have.

Thank you!

What People Are Saying

"… we lived and we loved along with him…. in his room, I repeat his own room ... he had something of his own until he died. Where can others go? "

— Walter Beswick, Founder of the SHARP Foundation

"The positive behaviour changes experienced by the residents is a testament to the compassion and commitment of the SHARP Foundation Team to the principles and practice of harm reduction that respects and honours diversity, dignity and human rights."

— Barbara Ross, Provincial Harm Reduction Supervisor, Alberta Health Ser

"If it had not been for Beswick House our sister would have died years ago, alone and on the streets. She knew she was loved and we will always be thankful for the life you gave her. "

— Family Member

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