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Our Mission

The Snowsuit Fund is an Ottawa-based charity that raises funds for the purchase and distribution of snowsuits to needy children, 15 years and under, in our community.


Founded in 1981, The Snowsuit Fund (SSF) purchases and distributes more than 16,000 snowsuits annually to Ottawa’s needy children aged 15 and younger. Increased demand in 2020 means the snowsuit tally may well exceed 19,000 this year.

With yearly campaigns, events, and other initiatives, the SSF brings dignity and hope for families struggling with the necessities of life. The core mission is to ensure that Ottawa’s most vulnerable children have access to warm snowsuits and can play outside in winter — without families having to sacrifice other priorities.  

Ottawa winters are cold, yet year-round outdoor play has multiple important benefits. It contributes fundamentally to mental health, active and healthy lifestyles, as well as learning and development. 

As a grassroots, charitable endeavour, the SSF receives no government funding and relies entirely on the generosity of caring groups and individuals who give their time, money, and talents.   

What People Are Saying

"I support the Snowsuit Fund as a cause where my passion and time can support those who need it most! I have never had a lot of money but I have a heart for underprivileged kids. "

— Sarah Wervers- Organizer Tree Angels Christmas Project

"As a Snowsuit Fund kid myself, I know how it feels to be in the same snowsuits as the families and children that rely on the generous donations. To share your warmth with a child can have a lasting effect on their lives ─ as it did on mine.”"

— Robert Sayaphet, Corporate Champion, Rhodes & Williams

"The Snowsuit Fund aligns with my personal values and my passion for public health and giving back to the community. There is no better feeling than knowing that you have made a difference in the day, week or life of a family just by offering them a pleasant shopping experience getting a snowsuit.”"

— Fabienne Tougas, Snowsuit Fund Volunteer

"A snowsuit Fund Kidmyself, I am honoured now to work for a company that believes in paying it forward and when word got out that our event would benefit of The Snowsuit Fund, we were overwhelmed by the support of our colleagues, clients and friends. "

— Candice Rigby, Numech

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