Business Number: 886056191RR0001

About This Charity

Our Mission

Stepping Stone is a user directed non-profit organization that supports individuals involved in the sex trade by contributing to their health, safety and well-being. Individuals who access our services are women, men and transpersons who are currently or formerly involved in sex work and at risk youth.

Stepping Stone holds the philosophy that all individuals have the right to self determination; that those who work as sex workers have the basic right to safety and access to services regardless of their occupation; and that these individuals are entitled to social and economic alternatives to sex work.

Stepping Stone acts as a best practice organization that strives to champion sex workers as people first. Stepping Stone works to increase community engagement including education, health promotion, advocacy and support to ensure that sex workers in Nova Scotia are given a fair voice. Our ultimate goal is the safety, health and well being of former and current sex workers.

About Our Charity

Stepping Stone provides street outreach, court support and advocacy, a drop in centre, and a variety of programs and services including Anonymous HIV testing, counselling, and referrals to community partners.