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About USCJ

We envision and pursue an authentic and dynamic Judaism that inspires today’s and tomorrow’s generation of Jews to seek meaning, find connection, and experience wholeness (shleymut) in a world that is complex and ever evolving.

What We Do

We strengthen kehillot*. We are the network that ensures there are thriving centers of Jewish practice across North America, Israel, and beyond that celebrate both tradition and contemporary life. Together, we demonstrate what an authentic and dynamic Judaism looks like, inspire people to be a part of it, and advance its critical role in the world.

(*We use the language of kehilla/kehillot to describe Jewish community (ies) inside and outside the walls of a synagogue. Per USCJ's Strategic Plan, "it focuses on the raison d’être of a congregation or synagogue, i.e., that it is a sacred community. Second, it signals a welcome to those who resonate with the ideas of Conservative Judaism as expressed in the vision statement, but who do not necessarily belong to official Conservative congregations or feel comfortable with the Conservative movement label.")

Our Values

Our values define who we are and how we work. We hold ourselves accountable to these pursuits each and every day as we demonstrate what an authentic and dynamic Judaism looks like.

We thrive in the tension of old and new

Balancing tradition and modernity is a dance, which ignites innovative ideas—those that shape our work to strengthen kehillot and those that influence how we live meaningfully as Jews today.

We find unity in diversity.

 A range of viewpoints and backgrounds—religious, racial, ethnic, sexual, socio-political—strengthens us all. We celebrate our differences and believe that those differences make our wholeness possible.

We are dedicated to lifelong Jewish growth.

It is our imperative to ensure that Jews at every age have meaningful opportunities to learn and grow—through traditions, study, Torah, prayer, and mitzvot - and to feel inspired to take action, serve the world, and connect to God and a higher purpose.

We act with integrity and strive for excellence.

Our success is defined by the success of our partners. We are accountable to each other, to our kehillot, and to the larger Jewish community, which means being responsive, communicating honestly, and always doing our best work.

We are part of something larger than ourselves.

Our connections to the Jewish people in North America, Israel, and around the world strengthen us intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually, and active collaboration among sacred communities benefits every kehilla and the larger world.

Where We Are

Our network of nearly 600 congregations extends across North America and includes kehillot in Canada, the United States, and Mexico. Congregations are divided into seven geographic districts, each led by a dedicated Kehilla Relationship Manager (KRM) who provides grassroots support and acts as your liaison with USCJ.

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