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The Ecumenical Campus Ministry is the on-campus home of the Anglican, Presbyterian, and United Church at the University of Guelph. We offer learning and discipleship programs consistent with the mainline Christian tradition to the over 24,000 young people who call UofG home.

ECM provides pastoral support to staff and students, leadership development opportunities for church leaders both on and off-campus, and is an important link between the UofG campus and local faith communities. Some of our hallmark initiatives include...

- weekly Community Dinners 

- C4MPUS CHURCH worship services every Sunday afternoon

- small groups (Christian Conversations, MHKY Chapel, etc.)

- prayer / meditation labyrinth walks

- support for regional and local youth ministries

- Core Membership with UofG's Multi-Faith Resource Team

In this season of COVID-19 precautions, many of our programs have shifted online, or are happening in small, socially distanced situations off campus. With many UofG students studying from home this year, our ministry is adapting to meet the evolving needs of students, faculty and staff.

Young people are important to our church and society. Helping students nurture their spirituality - alongside physical health and intellectual growth - leads to wholistic well-being and future success. Campus ministry builds off the investments made by churches and families in the spiritual development of young people, and equips them to be leaders in our churches, workplaces, and communities.

ECM's annual budget is approximately $100,000 with most of that cost funding a single Full-Time Campus Minister position. A small portion (approx. $5000) goes towards program costs and office expenses.

ECM is funded by our partner denominations, supportive individuals, and a small number of local congregations. Sometimes we are able to take on pieces of work for our partners that brings in some funding. UofG contributes office space and minor administrative support, but no funding.

Currently the funding we bring in does not cover our yearly expenses, and ECM draws on an Endowment Fund each year to make up the difference. This is not sustainable in the long run.

We are in real need of new partners to make ECM’s ministry sustainable!

Partner as an Individual - Whether you are alumni, parents of students, local participants in ECM programs, or someone who believes in the importance of campus ministry - ECM would love to be in partnership with you and receive your support. 

Partner as a Group / Church - Similarly, ECM seeks partnership with churches, committees, service groups, and businesses. Adding ECM to your annual budget makes a huge difference towards making this campus ministry sustainable; annual investments of $1000 to $3000 are most common and greatly appreciated. Organizing volunteers to serve one of our community meals is both helpful and rewarding (and really fun). ECM Board members are always happy to speak with your leadership team or group members about what a partnership might look like.

Contribute to ECM's Endowment Fund - Churches that are closing down, or individuals who are able to make a legacy gift, may wish to contribute to our Endowment Fund. These funds are invested and ECM is able to use the earnings to sustain ministry over the long run. 

Thank you for your support of the Ecumenical Campus Ministry at the University of Guelph.

God bless!

What People Are Saying

"I am involved with and support ECM because it is an important outlet for the campus community which supports the development of key citizenship skills including respect of diversity, compassion and thoughtfulness."

— Dr. Rene Van Acker - Dean, Ontario Agricultural College

"University invites one to think about life, meaning and purpose. ECM gives one a chance to do this with other students asking the same questions, drawing on the rich foundations of Christian spiritual wisdom and practices, plus being supported within a circle of care."

— Rev. Bruce Dickson - Dublin St. United Church, Guelph

"ECM’s probably been one of the most important parts of my own campus experience at Guelph, and certainly the part I enjoy most every week. ECM often has a beautiful way of welcoming you as you are, not a project to be improved or fixed, but a simply a person already loved by God."

— Johannes Chan - UofG student

"ECM creates an warm, inviting, non-judgemental space for students, staff and faculty to gather, to inspire one another, to follow their spiritual journey, or just to be in a quiet safe space. I strongly encourage others to support this important initiative on campus. "

— Robin Begin - Manager of Students at Risk, UofG

"UofG is quite unique in Ontario in that in that it has neither a religious studies department or an official church/theological presence. ECM offers an inclusive voice and a non-judgmental face of the Christian faith on campus."

— Rev. John Lawson - Three Willows United Church, Guelph

"ECM is a safe space to enjoy meaningful and uplifting conversation with others."

— Jen Pogson - UofG student

"I believe that the ECM ministry is at the cutting edge for Christian outreach. The Church needs a strong presence on the campuses of our colleges and universities. "

— Prof. Clarence Swanton - Dept. of Plant Agriculture, UofG

"We’ve valued the partnership with ECM over the years. It has been comforting to know that the University community has a safe place to ask their questions and explore their spirituality."

— Rev. John Borthwick - St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Guelph

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