Unlocking Potential (UP) Foundation of Calgary and Area

Registered Name: The Unlocking Potential Society of Calgary and Area

Business Number: 828563890RR0001

Our Mission: Ensure the long-term sustainability of quality programs that translate into better lives for vulnerable Calgarians.

Our Vision: A Calgary always caring for its most vulnerable families.

About Our Charity

Founded in 2009, the Unlocking Potential (UP) Foundation raises funds and awareness for the programs offered by Catholic Family Service (CFS). The focus of both UP and CFS is serving the most vulnerable, especially those who are vulnerable because they are poor. Poverty is complex. Often people who experience poverty are also isolated, lack resources to address problems, experience mental health issues, abuse and domestic violence, and get “stuck” in poverty because of low levels of education. All of these stress factors create countless challenges for coping with daily life. Inclusive of all faiths and cultures, UP is actively pursuing innovative and high impact solutions to some of Calgary's most complex problems. 

The programs UP supports are:

Prevention Oriented and Intergenerational: We work “upstream” to avoid devastating and costly problems in the future (for both individuals and our community). 

Collaborative: We work to give people in need a hand up, not a hand out. 

High Impact: We are actively measuring our results to ensure accountability to both our investors and the people we serve. 

For Everyone: Our 18 diverse programs address the needs of individuals and families throughout the entire family life cycle. Our programs serve all faiths and cultures.

What People Are Saying

"When my mom got pregnant as a teen, she dropped out of school and has always struggled with her confidence. When I got pregnant, I decided I had to complete school. Now I am enrolled at SAIT and doing well. I am confident that I can be a good provider for my family."

— Louise Dean Centre Graduate

"AMP helped our daughter gain the confidence she lacked. We feel our daughter can look back on this experience throughout her youth and build on this positive, inspiring experience."

— Parent of participating youth in Athletes Mentoring Program

"I decided to return for my GED because being 25 years old and married with children, time and money are hard to come by. My two sons saw their father study most nights. My hope is that they will remember the hard work and dedication that I put into my schoolwork and apply it to their schooling. "

— Glenn Shaw, Never Too Late Graduate

"When I first came to counselling I was feeling so heavy and hopeless. Things have changed a great deal since then. My daughter went from trying to run away from home, to never wanting to move out! I am gaining more and more confidence every day and the anxiety attacks are virtually gone. "

— Counselling Client

"F&ST has made a big difference in the culture and community of our school. F&ST quickly brings students, teachers, and families together in a way that builds success for children, parents and teachers. "

— School Principal, Families and Schools Together

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