The War Amps


Business Number: 131969628RR0001


The War Amps is committed to improving the quality of life for Canadian amputees.


A philosophy of “amputees helping amputees” has been the hallmark of The War Amps since 1918, when the organization was founded by amputee war veterans returning home from the First World War. Our programs have grown over the years from assisting war amputees – whom we still serve – to all amputees, including children. Today, we still have much to do to ensure amputees have the artificial limbs they need to lead independent and active lives. With the public’s continued support of the Key Tag Service, our vital programs for amputees will carry on long into the future.

Our aims and objectives are to:

  • Provide financial assistance to amputees for their artificial limbs
  • Educate amputees with information on artificial limbs and all aspects of living with amputation
  • Encourage child amputees to develop a positive approach to amputation through comprehensive programs including tools for future independence
  • Assist war amputees and seriously disabled veterans
  • Advocate for the rights and interests of all amputees
  • Employ amputees and others with disabilities at the Key Tag Service sheltered workshop and throughout the Association
  • Serve the public through the Key Tag Service, PLAYSAFE™ and DRIVESAFE™ programs and Operation Legacy initiatives


Since amputee veterans started the Key Tag Service in 1946, The War Amps has returned more than 1.5 million sets of lost keys to their owners. Today, this service is more important than ever, with the high replacement cost of keys and remote devices.

How do key tags work? 

  • Attach a confidentially coded War Amps key tag to your key ring. It is registered only to your name and address.
  • If you lose your keys, the finder can call the toll-free number on the back of the tag or place them in any mailbox in Canada.
  • The War Amps will return your keys to you by courier, free of charge.

Every year, The War Amps returns approximately 13,000 sets of lost keys.

Key tags are mailed to Canadians once a year but are available for order at any time.

Donations to the Key Tag Service fund our many programs for amputees, including the CHAMP Program, which is making a difference in the lives of child amputees by providing peer support, regional seminars and financial assistance for their artificial limbs and recreational devices.

The War Amps DOES NOT:

  • Use professional fundraisers
  • Receive government grants
  • Solicit by phone or door-to-door
  • Sell or trade your name/address
  • Spend more than 10% on administration
  • Tie up funds in long-term investments

What People Are Saying

"Today, our missing keys were returned by courier at no charge to us. My donation is on the way, and I’m making sure we have key tags on all our keys. You saved us a big expense and inconvenience of replacing keys!"

— Allison

"It is a joy to give to your organization because of: how you help child and adult amputees, your high standards as a charity and the peace of mind you offer through the Key Tag Service."

— Tom

"Our son [a leg amputee] struggled with his balance when swimming and so was dependent on water wings. Since he received his swim leg, he can explore and play in the water like any other child his age. He has begun to swim on his own! That swim leg changed so much for him. "

— CHAMP parents Robyn and Logan

"As an adult amputee with an old, hardly workable prosthesis, your contribution towards my new hand makes a huge difference in my life. To actually be able to pick things up again… There are no words… Thank you."

— Stephanie

"Thank you again for everything The War Amps has done, not just for me, but for all of those other individuals whose lives have changed so dramatically because of amputations. Having someone in your ‘corner’ and willing to advocate for you is much, much appreciated."

— Ken

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