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Bursary Fund

The Whole Dyslexic Society fundraises for bursaries to ensure that Davis programs are available to all regardless of income. 

We have many inquiries from families on low incomes, single parents, often with no financial support system, who have heard about our programs and are not able to afford them. We have inquiries from young people who have dropped out of school and do not wish to become unemployable.

Once a student has the tools, firm foundations and exercises to learn in the way he/she was born to learn, there is a far better chance of feeling NeuroInclusive as we wait for the necessary changes in the education system.

Following the hardships of the past year or so, the need is even greater now.

We have a dire need to regenerate our bursary fund…therefore, at this moment in time, we are asking independent individuals, organizations, corporations, and foundations to donate to our bursary fund.

Would you consider:

  • donating $5 a month for year
  • donating $10 a month for 6 months
  • or a one-off donation of $60?

Just 25 people taking part will generate a bursary of $1,500.00

Please visit our page HERE to hear about our Bursary Fund and testimonials. 

Thank you for your support!