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Music Therapy

 “My father lived his life with strength and determination. As complications associated with Diabetes diminished his capabilities, his indomitable will to combat the disease fervently hammered away. My father was a proud man, a father of two, strong, and noble. He loved deeply, and worked fiercely. When dementia struck, it hit Dad hard, nearly breaking his spirit. It was then that we discovered music therapy. Armed with six strings attached to a wooden guitar, Dad’s music therapist surpassed the capabilities of the most sophisticated medical technology. For the first time in a long time, I saw Dad happy, encouraged. Music Therapy had resuscitated his spirit.”  - Josie (daughter of Long-Term Care resident)

We often receive this type of positive reaction from family members whose loved ones have participated in one of our Music Therapy programs. Musical Therapy can draw a person suffering from dementia out of a world of isolation and into a world of comfort and connection.  For the individual with Alzheimer’s disease, Music Therapy can be a gift that helps restore their sense of person hood.

The Willow Foundation works year round to enhance the quality of life for seniors like Josie’s father by funding life enriching activities and programs like Music Therapy. But we cannot continue without your help. Please consider making a gift today in support of those who benefit most from Music Therapy Programs. Your gift of $100.00 today will cover the cost of a music therapy session for as many as 10 seniors suffering from dementia. 

It is only with the support of our community and generous donors like you that The Willow Foundation is able to help develop and provide ongoing initiatives in a comprehensive effort to enrich the lives of residents and program participants of Halton’s Long-Term Care Homes and Adult Day Programs.

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