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Theatre Direct Canada is one of the Country’s leading theatres for young audiences whose award-winning productions have reached audiences in schools and theatres touring throughout Ontario, across Canada and overseas.

Theatre Direct’s work has been recognized with 8 Dora Mavor Moore Awards and multiple nominations, 10 Chalmers Canadian Play Awards, and the Canada Council Theatre for Young Audiences Prize.


  • To create and present sophisticated and uncompromising theatre for, with, and by young people that empowers, educates and inspires.
  • To present theatre that is socially-conscious, accessible, inclusive, and culturally diverse.
  • To nurture our audience’s appreciation of the arts and each other through community and education based programs.


Our work is driven by a belief that young people deserve truth not diversion, that they have a right to meaningful cultural content and experiences. We view our audience as thinking, feeling, complex individuals-not a market, not future audiences, but emerging citizens that demands relevant theatre that engages all their faculties, feelings and intellect.

Our audience inspires us to tackle big questions in the same way children and youth ask them: honestly, directly, and, courageously.


We believe theatre for young audiences should utilize a range of traditional and non-traditional approaches to presentation and employ multiple disciplines including dance, music, opera, puppetry and design.

What People Are Saying

"Theatre Direct listens to the voices of Canada’s youth and responds to stated concerns, issues and questions with dynamic, brave and challenging art. They do so in the most responsible yet uncompromising way, through artistic collaborations and education/community partnerships. "

— Christine Jackson, Toronto District School Board Arts Coordinator

"I enjoyed the program and felt it addressed important issues that many children are faced with. The program led to excellent discussion in my classroom."

— Betty Bedernjak, teacher at St. Elizabeth on Beneath the Banyan Tree

"I learned that you should never judge a person before you get to know them."

— A student on Beneath the Banyan Tree

"Not only does Theatre Direct provide entertainment, they offer a place for children to learn, express themselves, ask questions and explore the important world of creativity. I have become a better performer by working there and consider everyone at Theatre Direct a part of my family."

— Sharmila Dey

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