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I LOVE my Theatre Orangeville


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I LOVE my Theatre Orangeville

Why do the arts matter?

It’s a question that has been asked for thousands of years and is even more relevant      now, in a time where we are relearning how to come together as a collective community and are facing continual reductions in funding for art and culture.

Arts and culture play a vital role in shaping our social fabric; providing a platform where people can express their thoughts, emotions, and ideas. The arts foster a sense of community, promote diversity and inclusion, and can create positive change within communities.

Over 31 years ago, Theatre Orangeville was born from a deep seeded passion for the arts, a desire to bring people together, and strengthen connections. This passion has encapsulated Theatre Orangeville and has enabled it to become the heartbeat of our community - a place to tell and bring great stories to life; stories that make one think, feel, and engage in meaningful conversation and connections with others.    

The past four years brought significant challenges and irrevocable change to the Canadian Theatre industry. With sheer determination, unequaled passion and the generosity of our patrons, key stakeholders, and community we have adapted and navigated through one of the most challenging times ever faced by Theatre Orangeville.

While we continue to work through some significant challenges - slow returning audiences and a 40% rise in program costs, we’re seeing a 20% increase in theatre fill rates each year and our subscriptions sales for next season are trending higher which means we’re on track to seeing pre-pandemic attendance by the end of the 2024-25 Season.

Theatre Orangeville is a not-for-profit charitable organization, and much like most of our fellow theatre companies across the country, we are currently operating under a deficit. In response, we launched our I Love My Theatre Orangeville Campaign to raise $350,000 to bridge the gap.

With your donation, you can help ensure the viability and vitality of your theatre. You can help ensure that youth continue to find a place where they are embraced for their authentic selves, where our neuro-diverse community can discover a place of true acceptance and inclusion, where artists and audience members can share in the art and pleasure of storytelling and where we all can think, feel, cry, laugh and love.

Your gift, no matter the amount, is precious to us!