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Registered Name: THEMUSEUM of Ideas Transcending Objects

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Help us to Awe, Inspire, and Enlighten this Giving Tuesday!

Campaign Ended Dec. 4, 2019

7 year old Barrett is a big fan of THEMUSEUM and what we do. He loves to roam our exhibitions with his mom, play at the water table, and build huge block towers in the Atrium. THEMUSEUM is one of Barrett’s favourite places in the world.

For his birthday, Barrett had a party and asked his friends to bring money for him to donate to THEMUSEUM… instead of a gift. It truly brought tears to my eyes, especially as he has done this two years in a row. While THEMUSEUM has had an incredible impact on Barrett, what Barrett has done has had a huge impact on me and the entire organization.

I had a chance to host Barrett and his mother for a Saturday morning at THEMUSEUM, as I wanted to meet this young man and fully understand who he is and what he loves about THEMUEUM.

That visit was captured on video, and I wanted to share Barrett’s inspiring message with you for Giving Tuesday. His message is an enthusiastic "Come to THEMUSEUM to play, learn and donate!"

Barrett's message couldn't be more important right now. More than ever, funding for Arts and Culture is shrinking – and admission and program fees don’t cover all of the expenses required to produce new exhibitions, and create programs that will Awe, Inspire, & Enlighten our community. Your support this Giving Tuesday is so important!

When you donate to THEMUSEUM, you make new and interactive exhibitions and engaging programs and STEAM learning possible! Your support allows us to create an amazing space that families and friends can experience and enjoy together; a space that sparks creativity and inspires new ideas!

So please help us make incredible new experiences possible for visitors like Barrett, his family and yours by making a donation today.

Together, we hope to reach our Giving Tuesday goal of $5,000, and support an exciting year of new experiences at THEMUSEUM!


David Marskell 



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