THRIVE Community Support Circle

Registered Name: Thrive Community Support Circle Inc.

Business Number: 119098200RR0001

Our Mission

Thrive Community Support Circle is an inner-city agency dedicated to offering services that support women, men, pregnant women, children; in all stages, to cultivate life, to empower individuals and to grow community.

About Our Charity

The Adams family started what was then, Pregnancy Distress, in 1973, how could they have imagined that 45 years later, it would have expanded to be such an important resource and staple of the West End and surrounding communities. Through offering such a wide variety of services and programs for people of all ages and stages in life, they can grow and Thrive in their life and in their community. Through using a participant led holistic approach at health and healing, we provide practical and basic needs like food, clothing and baby supplies, family supports, such as; parenting programs, child care, community resources, job and language skills training and support for physical, emotional, and spiritual health, whether that is connection to cultural needs, that ability seek peace and truth, be authentic for themselves and others- whatever promotes empowerment, through their whole health, is how we support a better life and community for those we serve.

In the more than 4 decades we have helped Care for Generations of families; women who are now grand mothers or great grand mothers, send their daughters, grand daughters or great grand daughters to Thrive for assistance in times of need or come and donate to give back to the agency because of the impact Thrive has had on their family many years ago. More recently, thanks to the integration of men’s supports, we are seeing first hand the determination to build healthy and positive relationships just by being given this opportunity, being included and recognized as a critical component for creating change and being a positive role model. When we see and hear about the impact several years or generations later, just by the support the agency provided to one individual at a particular time in their life, and how it resulted in improving or even saving multiple lives, it is living proof that what this agency does on a daily basis makes a real difference, not just on that day or for that individual, but for the months, years and decades and for the family members that follow.

Our philosophy is that we believe in the potential of people and communities to grow and create change in a positive way. Through our work, the services and programs empower and support individuals to create this change in themselves and their community, which gives way to reconciliation, understanding, and acceptance.

Thanks to so much great support by so many of you who help us fulfill our mission, we will continue to create Healthier Homes for Healthier Communities in the coming years!

There are four main resources:

  1. Thrive Resource Centre
  2. Therapy - counseling 
  3. Thrive Child Care - licensed 
  4. Thrive Thrift Shop

All services are free. The Resource Centre provides most of the workshops, resources, groups, basic & baby needs supplies and a qualified counseling Therapist to help you on your journey . Child Care has a  drop-in component (registered), and respite care is also provided (by scheduled appointment). Thrift Shop relies on volunteer support, its purpose is to help and train people by supporting there individual programs, and also provide low cost items to the community and to help support the programs of the agency. We also have a community computer, washroom and a telephone for community members to use and so much more. 

What People Are Saying

"Never in my wildest dreams did I EVER think a place like Thrive existed. Those in need…Thrive is there. I mean this is what the WORLD – OUR WORLD – should be. Love, Peace, Unity…this is us…this is Thrive, I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Thrive."

— Daniele, Read More

""This world is tough with many obstacles. If we can make it easier for someone , why not help others! Thrive has lots of love to give to people. I am so blessed to have them in our lives. Thrive is very important to the people and a staple in this community. I have nothing but love for them."

— Amy

""I have a lot of admiration for the women that come here. I have grown so much as a person. The staff here are very caring and supportive. ""

— Susan

"" My family and I are newcomers. I am always happy when I leave return home. I want to thank you very, very much! The tools I receive of friendly support are very valuable to me from the experience I have from Thrive. Places like this are so important in our society. ""

— Violetta

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