Tibetan Canadian Cultural Centre

Registered Name: Tibetan canadian Cultural Centre

Business Number: 824646525RR0001

As a community based organization, the mission of the Centre is to preserve, foster and share the rich and distinct Tibetan culture in Canada. In today`s increasingly diverse and multicultural Canadian society, our mission will be met in a spirit of co-operation and harmony among people of different cultures. We will work on developing and fostering community spirit by promoting anti- oppressive practices through civic engagement, adult education, elder care, social service, athletics, arts, recreation, Tibetan system of medicine, astronomy and astrology, moral education and other community endeavors.


  • To provide cultural, spiritual, recreational and educational programs to all Canadians and in particular to Canadians of Tibetan heritage including children and seniors;
  • To create awareness and understanding of the unique Tibetan culture and tradition within Canada’s multicultural and inclusive society, to promote harmony and friendship in our diverse society;
  • To provide on-going opportunities to learn and practice the Tibetan values of altruism, loving-kindness, compassion and non-violence;
  • To initiate a wide variety of programs and service designed to meet the needs of our elders in a holistic way, enhancing their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.
  • To serve new comers by offering a variety of service including settlement service such as job development service, referral services; youth programs such as language classes, music & dance classes,thangka painting classes; and health and wellness programs such as meditation classes, Tibetan medical counseling camps, and yoga classes.
  • To build an awareness campaign on the concept of “universality of human rights” and promote democratization in collaboration with other civil rights groups throughout the world.

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