Registered Name: Tomoe Arts Society

Business Number: 833955826RR0001

Our Mission

TomoeArts is a dance theatre company that works between traditions and disciplines. We promote, teach and perform Japanese classical dance. We create and present interdisciplinary performances that incorporate traditional Japanese forms and aesthetics. We are a resource for information on these performance forms, and bring together community, academic and professional worlds.

About Our Work

TomoeArts (pronounced toh-moh-ay) promotes and performs nihon buyoh (Japanese classical dance), and creates performances incorporating Japanese forms and aesthetics. We have produced traditional dances in parks, contemporary dance-theatre in art galleries, festival-dance inspired performance with hand-held projectors in rainy city streets, and kabuki dance concerts featuring master artists from Japan.

We have ongoing performance and educational programs, and produce or create at least one major project a year.  These projects alternate between traditional performance and newly created interdiscuplinary dance-theatre.

Some of our major projects:

Kayoi Komachi/Komachi Visited - a magical new chamber opera combining Japanese noh theatre and classical music.

- Weaver Woman live music on erhu, cello and percussion plus dance, spoken text and projected ink paintings. Based on O Chong-hui's short story of the same name.

- Ten Nights of Dream - a full-length dance-theatre work combining dance, ful-stage projected scenography and live shakuhachi with electro-acoustic soundscapes.  Based on Natsume Sôseki's series of uncanny tales Yume Jûya

- Odori: The World of Kabuki Dance - a concert of kabuki dance featuring master dancers and costumers from Japan

- The EN Project - Japanese festival inspired dance, photos of community members projected onto white umbrellas, original music featuring taiko drums.  Three stages of this project or 3 years: EN (circle/fate), part of a community parade; EN - a raincity street dance, a full-length version with 3 dancers; EN - community circles, a solo site-specific version done at the Vancouver Chinatown Night Market

- Shamisen & Odori - classical Japanese dance and live shamisen music with master artists from Japan

Some of our ongoing programs include:

- lessons, workshops and classes in kabuki, nihon buyoh (Japanese classical dance) and interdisciplnary performance creation

- Yûko-Kai - and annual presentation of traditional and innovative nihon buyoh 

- Salon Series - a series of presentations throughout the year focusing on some aspect of Japanese performing arts and aesthetics

About Our Name

Tomoe means whorl or vortex.  Tomoe is also the name of a female general from 12th Century Japan.

What People Are Saying

"A visual and aural extravaganza."

— Beyond YVR, Read More

"An exhilarating experience."

— Review Vancouver, Read More

""Vancouver's TomoeArts uses a whirling mix of Japanese dance, music, and projected visuals to conjure the otherworldly." "

— Alexander Varty, Georgia Straight, Read More

""...from complex and serious with a touch of magic and ritual, to the mundane and relatable, the comic, the human." "

— audience member

""I was literally floored by the performances." "

— audience member


— ??????? Vancouver Shinpo, Read More

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